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Helping you in your wills & estate administration matters

Private Client – Wills, probate and the Administration of Estates

Do you wish to leave your property or valued belongings to a loved one? Do you require help with drafting a Will? Has an immediate family member passed away leaving a will, or no will? Do you require assistance with the administration of an estate in accordance with a will or otherwise?

Death is certainly something we all refuse to think about. It is a common misconception and maybe a rather natural human instinct that we as human beings will live forever. But unfortunately death is something that cannot be avoided. Indeed every soul shall taste death.

Unfortunately, once we pass this world, we do not have an input on how our assets left behind are distributed amongst our family members. This is unless you draft a will before death which effectively materialises on your death and contains detailed provisions on how your valuable assets are to be distributed.

We at Sheirs, can assist with preparing wills, obtaining grants of probate, and can also assist with the administration of estate in accordance with a deceased’s will. We can offer assistance to distribute a deceased’s estate in accordance with the rules of intestacy where the deceased did not live a will.

Our Private Client department can assist. Our department can offer a wide range of services including drafting wills, obtaining grant of probate, calculating the inheritance tax payable on a deceased’s estate and so on.

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